Top 5 reasons to use breast pumps

A breast pump can be quite a valuable tool for a new mom, even if she wishes to nurse her child without it. In this article, we will list some of the key reasons or advantages of using breast pumps.

To overcome previous challenges
In all honesty, no two breastfeeding experiences or children are the same. However, pumping can be quite a viable option for several mothers who faced nursing hassles in the past. The issue could have been anything. For instance, some mothers have an inadequate supply, making breastfeeding challenging for both babies and the mom. At times, the child is not up for it, which can frustrate the mom. So, to avoid these issues, a nursing mother might seek refuge in the best cheap breast pump. 

  • Access
    Breastfeeding moms sure know the significance of breast milk. However, it may not be realistic for a new mother and baby to be always in the same room when the child is hungry. Moms may have to go to the office, run errands, or cater to other life activities. These can prove to be a hindrance to breastfeeding. When you use the best breast pump, it can ensure that your baby can have his meal even when mama is not around.    
  • Prevents exhaustion
    In moms with twin babies, breastfeeding can be pretty tiring. Hence, they find it beneficial to invest in electric breast pumps to get more milk in less time.
  • Preference
    Some women decide on pumping exclusively even before they become mothers. It may be for a particular reason. At times, the woman does not like the idea of putting the baby to their breast, due to a history of abuse, or merely personal preferences.
  • Bonding
    Breastfeeding results in serious bonding. Hence, due to breast pumping, even the non-breastfeeding partners can get a chance to bond with the baby. Breast pumping can foster attachment, and it can give mothers a break from the midnight feedings. It is a great way to share love and responsibility between two parents.  
  • Life saving
    The use of breast pumps is more than a matter of convenience. At times, breast pumping may be the only option for kids admitted to the NICU or those who cannot be nursed. The health benefits of breast milk are exceptionally vital for a baby under these circumstances. With a breast pump, a new mom can pass on the benefit of nutrient-dense breast milk, and can make her contribution to her little one’s recovery.