Top 4 safety harness manufacturers

Safety harness products are always in demand, especially in the construction industry. People with field jobs in this segment need this equipment daily to stay safeguarded. Today, many companies manufacture these products. So, making a suitable choice may be a tedious task for you. Here, we have listed a few manufacturers to consider while buying these products from a safety harness store for you and your team.

Here are a few prominent companies that you may keep in mind when planning to buy safety harness products:

Guardian Fall Protection
Situated near Settle in Kent, Washington, this company is one of the quickest growing manufacturers in the country. The key reason for this development is that the company has succeeded in providing its customers with innovation at a cost-effective rate, without compromising the quality. It gives products at economical rates compared to its competitors. It was founded in 1993 and has earned the reputation of being one of the top-rated fall-protection companies in the country. It offers top-quality harnesses, lanyards, and anchors, among other related products. With warehouses spread across the country, this manufacturer constantly strives to create solutions for fall safety that will ensure the safety of workers while working at a height.

FallTech offers a wide range of products, such as kits, lifelines, retractables, harnesses, lanyards, and anchors. With headquarters in Compton, California, it has dedicated professions, such as fall-protection product developers and engineers. Additionally, it has a team of experts focused on designing, testing, and producing safety harness products. This manufacturer offers high-quality fall-protection equipment at reasonable costs. It meets all the necessary Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements.

FrenchCreek Production
Established in 1992 by Carl Wible, FrenchCreek Production has its headquarters in the Franklin city of Pennsylvania. All the activities related to design, testing, and production occur in the company’s head office. This family-run organization’s various categories of products include roofing kits, horizontal lifelines, vertical lifelines, retractables, harnesses, lanyards, and anchors. All these products are of superior quality.

Super Anchor Safety
Founded in 1992, this company entered the fall-protection sector with ‘ARS Super Anchor’, a patented permanent roof anchorage device. This company ships most of its products for free. Apart from being a leader in development and testing, this manufacturer has a team of experts helping in compliance, fall protection, and installation solutions. The different categories of Super Anchor Safety products include retractables, kits, vertical lifelines, harnesses, and roof anchors.

We hope that you found this guide on safety harness companies helpful. You can buy their products from safety harness stores when required.