Top 10 best self-cleaning litter boxes for your cat

Are you troubled with litter cleaning of your pet cat? Then you should know that there are plenty of self-cleaning litter boxes out in the market. They will save your time and labor and will clean themselves automatically. Following are some self-cleaning litter boxes which will serve great for your kitty:

Litter Robot III

This automatic litter box starts working seven minutes after your cat leaves. It is specially designed to reduce odor and it’s very easy to use and clean. This is absolutely perfect for multiple cats as well. It has a big opening and a light to be used in night time. You will get 18 months warranty too.

Litter Robot LRII

This litter box has a weight-activated sensor which can detect when your cat enters it. It also starts working after seven minutes. It has a globe that rotates separating the clumps from the litter. The waste is deposited in a large capacity drawer which saves you from clogging problems. It also comes with 18 months warranty.


It has a disposable tray with crystals in it to absorb the liquid portion of the litter and the odor. It dehydrates the solid waste and covers it in an odor controlling waste trap. It does not stick to the cat’s paws.


This is the only litter box which has self-washing and self-flushing system. It washes, sanitizes and dries itself automatically. It is absolutely germ, odor and dust free. It has washable granules perfect for your pet to dig and cover. But this cannot be used for more than three cats. It needs electricity and cold water.

Pet Zone Smart Scoop

It is the most cost effective self-cleaning litter. Carbon zeolite is used which helps to absorb the odor. It is much quiet than other litter boxes. It has a high raised deflector which prevents the litter from falling on the floor. This comes with No Touch plastic bags which last for a month. It comes with a one year warranty.

Litter Maid

This litter box can hold 50% more litter than other boxes and is great to use for many cats. You can clean it very easily by pushing two buttons only. Carbon filters used in it locks the odor. It has high walls and safety bars to prevent blockage.

PetSafe Simply Clean

It is uniquely designed to remove wastes automatically and continuously. It does not need any special bags and runs quietly on low voltage AC power adapter. It is very easy to use and clean and it comes with one year warranty.