Smartphone predictions for Black Friday 2020

Just like every year, several electronic devices will be available at unbelievably low prices during Black Friday week. This is a great time to buy a new phone if you have been looking for one, as you will find some exciting offers on both Android smartphones and iPhones. With the launch of newer phone models from both Samsung and Apple, older versions may be available at lower prices, especially during the time of Black Friday. Here are certain Black Friday cellphone predictions on Apple and Samsung devices this year.

  • Apple iPhone
    With the announcement of the launch of the iPhone 12 earlier this month, varying amounts of discounts and deals can be expected on older models of the iPhone. All iPhone 11 mobile models, including the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Max, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, can be available at considerable discounts if the new iPhone isn’t in markets before Black Friday. Some dealers that are still stocking the iPhone X may also offer modest discounts this Black Friday.
  • Samsung Galaxy Smartphones
    After Samsung announced that the Note series would be discontinued after the Note 20, it is expected that newer models of the Samsung Galaxy series will have features from both series. When talking about the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Note10, it would be wise to expect certain amounts of discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S10. However, the same cannot be said for Note 10. On newer models such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Note20, discounts and sales during Black Friday are expected to be minimal. This is because the lower-spec versions of some of these phones are already running promotions like featured gift card savings as well as Buy One Get One offers.

If you have waited this long to buy a phone, it is recommended you wait further until the Black Friday sales commence. You will definitely save up quite a bit on discount offers and also on several different kinds of gift cards and sales. Furthermore, do not forget to compare deals, check the quality, and ensure that you buy a phone that suits your needs and budget.