What to expect from the iPhone SE

Excited about catching the first glimpse of the 4-inch iPhone SE? The powerful iPhone has a beloved design and renders superior performance. The most modern phone has finally arrived and here is the unboxing. Well, the design of an iPhone SE is just the same as that of iPhone 5S design, but when you talk of the inside, it is a real beast in performance. It is a magnificent phone and at par with the iPhone 6S, featuring cutting edge, a much-advanced A9 system chip, 12 MP camera, and 4K video and support available for capturing live photos. If you are just a starter in iPhone or looking to use Apple iPhone devices, the iPhone SE is the best bet.

  • What you find inside
    When you unbox the iPhone SE, you will find the following:
    Two Apple Decals
    User manual
    USB A-cable
    Sim ejecting tool
    Wall charger, and
    Earpod earbuds
    The phone is gorgeous, and on using it, you will find it as a rebranded iPhone 5S and similarities with an iPhone 6S. When you compare the iPhone 6 box with that of an iPhone SE, you will find that the box of an iPhone SE is smaller. The screen size of the phone is the same as iPhone 5, which is 4 inches.
  • The inside of the box is a typical Apple affair
    The unboxing of iphone5 will feel the same as iPhone SE. Inside the box of iPhone E, you will find almost the same accessories of iPhone 5. There will be iPhone, EarPods, some cables, user manual and Apple Sticker. The best part of the iPhone SE is that it is available in Rose Gold shade. The ones who have used the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus will find it odd to hold a smaller phone. For some users, it may sound a bit silly to move back to a small device such as an iPhone SE but according to Apple, people like small, powerful and compact devices. Having an iPhone SE in the pocket is like having a rocket inside.
  • Underhyped launch
    We don’t know why Apple created a small device like the iPhone SE. We even do not know how far the statement that people like small devices is true. Moreover, one unclear thing is why its launch was so underhyped. The specs of the iPhone SE are almost the same as the 6S, but it has a smaller battery. Features that match with Apple iphone6S are the AP processor and 2 GB RAM space. The camera is a magnificent 12 MP 4K camera, but there is a lack of camera hump on it. The 3D touch is the only feature it lacks, but it has a Touch ID still.

The iPhone SE may is available in two size specifications, namely, 16 and 64 GB. Prices of both models are about $399 and $499, respectively.