Top 4 wireless speakers to choose from

As much as we all love our smart speakers, they sometimes lack the quality and convenience provided by the other non-smart wireless speakers. Sure, Alexa can arrange your task list and create a playlist of your favorites while keeping an ear out for your demands and needs. But, you can’t take her to a pool party and blare out the music to drown out all other noise. In instances like this, you are bound to miss the old-school Bluetooth and wireless speakers. This article is here to acquaint you with some of the best wireless speakers of 2021:

JBL Flip 5
JBL has long been a well-known name in the world of premium quality audio devices. The device comes with improvements on the former Flip 4 and has a waterproof certification that you can rely on. The device has a USB charging option and can survive being underwater for about 30 long minutes. This JBL cylindrical beauty also has great acoustics and sound balance but sadly lacks AUX connectivity. 

B&O Beosound A1
This Bang and Olufsen’s round speaker might come with a hefty price tag but do not judge it based on its small size. It is one of the best wireless speakers of 2021, with an audio quality that demands respect and purchase. If you do not mind the tag attached, this is one of the best purchases you can make, including build, durability, control, and sound quality. 

Ultimate Ears Boom 3
The Ultimate Ears has two entrants on the list this year. The UE Boom 3 provides for a better sound experience. You can experience a more balanced and pleasant sound with this mean machine. The waterproof speaker is cylindrical and has a battery backup of about 15 hours. The speaker is perfect for house parties or any other type of party. With a 100-foot Bluetooth range and a warranty that lasts for two years, there is almost nothing that the speaker does not meet. 

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 speaker is a perfect companion for all the rocking pool parties you have been planning. An upgrade of the UE WONDERBOOM, the recent one, has already made its way to the list of one of the best wireless speakers of 2021. The 4-inch speaker comes with a battery backup of 13 hours and has a 100-foot Bluetooth range. For a better stereo sound experience, you can pair two WONDERBOOM speakers together.