5 snow tires ideal for your car’s safety

Snow tires are designed to provide stability to your vehicle during cold weather and harsh road conditions. These are an alternative to snow chains which usually slow down vehicle speed and even cause damage to road surfaces. Snow tires are characterized by their specific tread design consisting of bigger gaps. These gaps improve vehicle stability on muddy and snowy terrains. Some snow tires are fitted with metal studs to increase traction on ice, but these cannot be used within the city. Such types of tires can withstand temperatures as low as 7 °C or below.

Here is our list of five of the best snow tires of 2021:

Continental VikingContact 7
The 7th generation of the Continental VikingContact snow tires shows a better performance rate and a directional tread pattern. These ensure shorter ice braking distance, higher aquaplaning resistance, and better ice and snow handling. This specific model of snow tires leads in various performance tests and stands out as a well-balanced option for colder weather conditions.

Michelin X-ice Xi3
This snow tire has a bigger number of tread blocks compared to Michelin’s previous X-ice model XI2. It also ensures a shorter braking distance and also has better ice performance. The tire provides a comfortable and safe driving experience on wet, snow, and dry surfaces. 

Goodyear WinterCommand®
Goodyear has a varied range of snow tire models to select from. WinterCommand®, the brand’s most recent addition, has stud holes similar to a snow tire and a tread design similar to ice tires. This model stands out for its affordability. It is also sought out for its durable construction. This tire delivers better handling on both dry and wet pavements and a good grip while driving through deep snow and slippery surfaces.

Nokian Nordman 7 SUV
Nordman 7 is a studdable snow tire that holds well during cornering and braking on icy surfaces. It offers an exceptional grip in snow and hard-packed snowy terrains and regions. However, while driving on concrete or paved highways, these tires create a higher noise level which further worsens due to the presence of studs.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3
In this model, the Nokian engineers have used Arctic Sense Grip, an innovative technology that improves ice traction and handling. These snow tires displayed good, balanced results when tested on wet, dry, icy, and snowy surfaces. The R3 model has lower rolling resistance, making it a good choice for standard, electric, and hybrid cars.

Which of these top snow tires of 2021 would you pick for your car?