4 popular mobile headsets of 2021

The best mobile headsets let you stay connected, no matter where you are. Whether you’re working from home, working out, or relaxing, a mobile headset offers a lot of convenience. You can choose to make voice or video calls, indulge in gaming, and listen to music, without having to hold onto a device. For those who have been looking for mobile headsets, here are some of the most popular and best ones of 2021. 

  • Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700
    This is one of the best mobile headsets of 2021 for making calls. Priced at around $400, this pair is quite stylish. The price may seem a bit on the higher side, but many online retailers are offering substantial discounts, bringing the overall cost slightly lower. The amount seems worth it mostly because of the super-comfy ear cups that ensure nothing is lost in communication during a video or conference call during meetings.
  • Sennheiser PRESENCE UC
    When it comes to Bluetooth® headsets, the Sennheiser PRESENCE UC is one of the top-rated and best mobile headsets of 2021. With a long-lasting battery life and appealing design, this pair of headsets scores well on all fronts. By eliminating wind noise, it boasts of high audio quality. Moreover, it can seamlessly connect with two mobile phones or a computer and a cellphone. It is perfect for professionals who require constant, on-the-go communication. It is priced on an average $200 across major online retailers. 
  • Jabra Elite 45h
    Priced at around $100, the Jabra Elite 45h is one of the best and most affordable mobile headsets of 2021. It gives the best value for money in the category of on-ear headphones. The design is pretty basic. However, this pair packs in good audio quality, a comfortable fit, and durability. It is perfect for making calls and one of its best features is the sidetone capability that lets users hear their own voice during a call. This is perfect for those who are concerned about being too loud on calls. 
  • Plantronics Voyager Focus UC
    Those who are looking for mobile headsets only for home or office use, the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC is a good option. The design is quite ergonomic with the headset resembling the natural shape of the ear. With on-ear buttons, it is sure to stay secure and comfortable for as long as needed and there are no risks of the headphones falling off in the middle of a call. In addition, it has noise cancellation capabilities. The price of this pair of headset varies across online retailers.