A bunch of healthy meal plans to curb down your cholesterol levels

You may have been recently paying attention to your daily meals, with a renewed objective of consuming low-fat diet to reduce cholesterol levels. The one thing that can make the challenge easier for you is a healthy meal plan, which sets your spirits high for success and has many pieces of research to back up their efficacy.

A few healthy meal diets across the world have been listed below for you.

Mediterranean diet:
Here you eat what the people in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea have survived on. Those are fruits, vegetables, lean meats, cereals and olive oil to your heart’s content. As per different clinical researches, they are excellent for your cardiac health. The best part is that it is not just a fad; in fact, they taste good and are flexible and adaptable to different tastes.
Therapeutic lifestyle changes:
It comprises a three-set plan with dieting, workouts and weight control to reduce cholesterol levels by 20 to 30 percent. The healthy meal plans are created in such a way that you can finally bid farewell to trans fats and saturated fatty acids without feeling deprived. You will just have to eat healthier editions of your favorite foods like replacing bacon with lean ham.

DASH diet:
Another highly effective set of recipes to lower cholesterol, the DASH diet has received approval from the American Heart Association and has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels. The best part is that it is not just effective, but also acts quicker to give positive results in just 14 days. With these healthy meal plans, you will get to eat vegetables, fruits, and grains as much as you want. For proteins, you can take low-fat milk products, fish and beans and you will have to cut down sweets, sugar and red meat from your diet.

Mayo clinic diet:
This diet is for people who have lost hope that anything can bring down their cholesterol levels. You will have to eat high fiber food such as oatmeal, oat bran, fish oil and other such items loaded with omega-3 fatty acids such as almonds, flax seeds, walnuts and olive oil to reduce cholesterol levels. Workouts and portion size also play a critical role in this diet plan, which typically begins with a 2-week jumpstart phase and lasts forever.

Flexitarian diet:
If you like eating a vegetarian diet with small portions of animal products and poultry, then this is the diet plan for you. This is known as a flexitarian diet where you can switch between vegan and meat products to reap the benefits of all these food items. You must fill half of the plate with vegetables and fruits of your choice while the other half should comprise low-fat dairy products, whole grain, and lean protein.
Follow any of these recipes to lower cholesterol and get effective results within no time.