5 Top-Rated Truck Bed Covers to Choose From

Truck bed covers, also known as tonneau covers, are the accessories that cover the cargo section of a pickup truck. These covers are available in various designs to suit different kinds of needs. Most of these are simple mechanical covers that can slide on and off within seconds. You can also lock them with a key to ensure that your cargo is safe from theft. Truck bed covers are good for protecting the cargo from natural threats like rain and are ideal when you have to drive long distances. There are several companies in the market that manufacture tonneau covers. Following are the five top-rated ones from which you can consider buying.

Diamond Back SE
Diamond Back SE is made up of an aluminum diamond plate. This truck bed cover neither cracks like fiberglass covers nor does it wear out like vinyl covers. It has the capacity of hauling 400 pounds on top of it which means you get extra space for your cargo.

Lund Genesis Elite Tri-Fold
This bed cover offers a low-profile design, which has been made to protect the cargo of your truck from mold, UV rays, dust, dirt, and water. It has a three-fold design which makes it extremely flexible to use. Lund Genesis Elite has an aluminum subframe which is sturdy and comes in a fully assembled condition.

Pace Edwards Switchblade
Pace Edwards Switchblade is available in two designs—metal and ArmorTrek. The ArmorTrek bed cover is made up of an aluminum extrusion panel. Both of these truck bed covers can be removed completely to give full access to the truck bed and can be placed back within seconds when needed.

Ranch legacy
This truck bed cover is a stylish piece. It is made up of painted fiberglass which suits any kind of pickup truck. Ranch Legacy tonneau covers offer an inch of height over the bed, which makes for more space when needed. This cover seals the corners efficiently to ensure that the cargo is protected from water as well. This is a perfect choice for modern trucks.

American Roll Cover
Truck Covers USA is well known for its American Roll Covers that are made up of tough aluminum covers. These tonneau covers are retractable and are very efficient in all weather conditions. Additionally, these truck bed covers are very easy to install and come with a locking system that is extremely secure.