4 cost-effective breast pumps to consider buying

Motherhood comes with challenges and one of them includes making informed decisions. From picking the most comfortable car seat for the little one to getting them a cosy stroller, there is a long list of choices that you need to make. So, to help you with one less decision to make, here’s a list of the best cheap breast pumps that you can easily pick from.

Haakaa Manual silicone breastfeeding manual breast pump
This tops the list of best cheap breast pumps because it comes with natural suction. This portable pump is made from food-grade silicone, and costs only $12.99. The design is simple, there is just one piece that does all the job. The natural suction expresses milk without much hassle. All you have to do is attach it to the breast, squeeze it, and it’s done. You can pump milk using the device on one breast while nursing your child on the other.

Lansinoh manual breast pump
The breast pump is one of the lightest weighing pumps that you will find in the market. It comes with two modes that allows mothers to pump milk faster. It also has a handle to make sure that you don’t tire your hand and there are lesser parts in the device for you to clean. This breast pump also has a pump-store-feed system. This means, unlike most breast pumps where you have to transfer milk from one container to another, you can simply pump your milk into a bottle and give it directly to your child. Lansinoh manual breast pump offers all these features at just $25.

Medela harmony manual breast pump
This breast pump has gained a lot of popularity among mothers. It can be operated by hands which makes it easy to use. It is also easy to store which means if you are looking for a portable, manual breast pump, this one can be your pick. It is also compatible with different breast shields of different sizes. It also comes with a bottle stand which is effective in preventing any spilling of the milk. The device will not burn a hole in your pocket since it is priced at $35.42.

Philips Avent manual breast pump
This pump comes with large handles that help breast pumping easy and convenient. The design of the pump is simple. You can easily lean back and relax while pumping milk using this device. It also comes with a flange that has five rubber massage cushions that give a stimulation similar to the one provided by a nursing child. The cost of this breast pump remains under $50.