4 budget-friendly smartphones that spell quality

When we talk about phones, each one of us would love to get our hands on the phone that is currently reigning the market. We are blown away by the different features it is equipped with, the HD cameras that click pictures that look straight out of a photo shoot, the massive storage that wouldn’t have you fretting since you wouldn’t have to delete any images! Such a 4G phone is what we crush upon. However, the bubble is ruthlessly burst when we think of the next step that emerges after you select your dream phone: the budget.

Before you start sobbing, here’s a good news for you – all those features of the 4G phone that captured your fancy can now be found in certain budget-friendly phones as well. Here’s a list of some budget-friendly phones that you shouldn’t give a miss when you come across a 4G phones sale.

  • Moto G5 Plus – Simply put, Moto G5 Plus is the perfect budget-phone ever. You can avail all those wonderful features you were fascinated with in a more expensive phone. The Moto G5 Plus comes with a sturdy metal design, a 5.2 inch full HD screen, lightning-fast charging, fingerprint sensor with a 64 GB internal storage!
  • Moto G4 – A 4G phone in $129! A dream come true for a lot of individuals who were mesmerized by the features of a 4G phone and wished for a budget-friendly phone. This phone is compatible with all the major US carriers and has 32 GB internal storage. If the phone’s exterior is what you are worried about, fret not. The phone’s robust exterior gives it a very refined look
  • iPhone 5S – iPhone is everyone’s dream phone, hands down. If you think that you can’t avail of an iPhone, think again. The iPhone 5S, though visibly smaller than its successors, is considered to be the most user-friendly among the entire lot. The HD camera, the huge internal memory, and the fact that it fits right into the palm of your hands, makes it quite endearing to the users
  • HTC One A9 – Here’s a 4G phone that goes easy on your wallet yet hits hard with the features. This phone might look similar to the iPhone but that’s where the similarities end. An android-powered phone with a 32 GB internal storage, long-lasting battery, and a decent camera at a good price is what you cannot afford to lose

These 4G phones, though budget-friendly, have an acquired quality to it. Price and quality repel each other at times, but not with these phones. So, the next time when you wouldn’t know which phone to choose in a 4G phones sale, think of these phones.