Top 4 popular mattresses of 2021

Selecting the best mattress should not feel like a daunting task. So, to help you pick one of the best mattresses of 2021, we did some research and rounded up a list of some of the best mattresses you can find in the market. So, let us get started and address them one by one.  

Birch natural mattress
It is an 11-inches thick hybrid mattress. On top of the individually wrapped coil, the mattress has a two-inch Talalay latex layer. For someone who does not prefer sinking into the bed, this can be a better pick. The resilient and springy nature of the latex makes this mattress exceptionally comfortable. Further, latex also helps you stay cool at night. On top of latex, the mattress has twin organic wool layers. These are comfort layers, which work together with the latex to avoid body heat build-up. Since the top-most layer functions as a natural fire barrier, the mattress does not have any chemical fire retardants. Hence, environmentally-conscious customers will love this pick.   

Helix Midnight mattress
Helix is an online brand specializing in offering customers tailored comfort, thanks to its wide selection of hybrid mattresses designed to cater to individual firmness preferences, primary sleep positions, and individual body types. Thanks to its balanced feel, every Helix Midnight mattress is a standout pick, given its balanced feel, which is an amalgam of sturdy coil support and relieving memory foam at an affordable price. The initial two layers are foam, and the top layer is memory plus foam, which soothes the pressure points while maintaining requisite responsiveness. The next layer is transition polyfoam, which curtails sinking inside. Under it is a pocketed coil support core, assuring a sturdy foundation and the necessary bounce. It is one of the best mattresses of 2021 and a safe pick, thanks to its decade-long warranty.  

Nectar Memory Foam mattress
It is a popular mattress, an excellent pick for someone seeking a mattress that can assure a good value for money. The Nectar mattress is an all-foam, medium-firm mattress, which ensures impeccable support and comfort, available at a reasonable price. Its five foam layers contour the body and offer phenomenal pressure relief around the back, hips, and shoulders while simultaneously aligning the spine. The temperature regulation feature of this mattress is also commendable. More so, it is a perfect choice for couples.   

Saatva Classic mattress
Saatva mattress has consistently been one of the top-rated mattresses, which comes with a 180-night trial period. The mattress ranks high on delivering excellent sleep quality, support, and comfort. You can find this mattress in three firmness levels, and its Luxury firm variant is the most popular.